Dog who has spent 7 years in shelter is still waiting for his forever home

Every shelter dog is just waiting for the day when they will find their forever home, but it takes some longer than others. Some dogs wait months or even years to get adopted.

Like one dog, who has waited an extraordinarily long time, most of his entire life, in the shelter. But he’s still holding out hope that he can find the perfect home.

Mica arrived at the League for Animal Welfare on November 30, 2014, and he’s been there ever since. With over 2,300 days in the shelter, he is their longest resident.

Mica, a Pointer, German Shorthaired/Retriever, and Labrador mix, is now 10 years old. After spending nearly seven years at the shelter, it’s practically all he’s ever known.

The shelter wrote that he had a “traumatic start to life,” and as a result he can be wary and untrusting of humans he doesn’t know.

Hey you all, I’m Mica! 🐾 I may be a little older, but don’t let my years fool you! I’m full of love and energy, and I am…

Posted by League for Animal Welfare on Friday, August 30, 2019

That, combined with his senior age, means he’s not going to be the first choice for many adopters. But volunteers League for Animal Welfare hope they can find someone willing to give Mica a chance, providing the love and patience he needs.

“He needs a unicorn adopter – someone who is more interested in helping Mica than they are about what a dog can do for them,” League for Animal Wealfare wrote on Facebook.

“He needs a person who can give him time and patience so he can learn to trust you.”

Look at Mica…what a ham!He’s young, athletic, eager and gets along with other dogs! The volunteers, trainer and…

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While it’s been many years without luck, finding Mica a home remains a top priority of the shelter, who hope that Mica’s day will come soon as long as they get the word out.

“If you don’t think you’re a good fit for Mica, tell your friends. His person is out there, we just know it,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

Let’s help Mica finally find a home! If you are interested in adopting you can find his adoption page here!

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