Growing Your Own Tomatoes Is A Lot Easier Than You Think.

Do you have any overripe tomatoes in your fridge? Don’t throw them away! Instead, you can turn them into seedlings and grow new tomatoes, in just a few weeks. In this video, “The Wannabe Homesteader” teaches us how to grow tomatoes using nothing more than a pot, some soil, and old tomatoes… and of course we get good help from Mother Nature as well. First, cut an overripe tomato into 1/4 inch slices. Then just drop the slices in a pot with soil, and just barely cover with more soil. Water every once and a while and wait 7-14 days… Like magic you will see little seedlings come out. You can then pick out the biggest and strongest ones and plant them in another pot…. And there is the beginning of your amazing tomato plant!  

I had never thought of this. So I’m definitely passing it on to others who may not have either. Hopefully, it could lead to less wasted food and more grown.

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