Harry was ‘terrified’ Meghan would leave him after the Duchess suffered from ‘racist abuse,’ expert claims

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married a little over six years ago, and while there isn’t nearly enough space here to document everything that has happened since then, one thing that is for sure: they indeed have made headlines.

Not only did the couple leave royal life behind less than two years after tying the knot, but the Sussexes, who began dating in 2016, also made vast amounts of money through speaking out about their experiences of royal life, making many a concerning claim about other Royal Family members.

Meghan, for example, made the bombshell allegation that a member of the British monarchy had questioned the potential skin color of her son Archie before he was born, with the alleged racism one of the most shocking revelations made during her and Harry’s infamous Oprah Interview.

After they started dating, Prince Harry felt that the British paparazzi press had made racist remarks about his then-girlfriend. The Duke feared the worst – and one royal expert even claims that he was prepared for Meghan to leave him.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship began with a frank, one-hour date in London in 2016.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

It didn’t take long for the couple to start dating properly, and in 2018, the two tied the knot in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor. At that stage, many believed the couple would be a vital part of the Royal Family’s future. Of course, we now know just how wrong those predictions were.

At the very beginning of their relationship, Harry and Meghan kept things extremely private. Not even did King Charles knew that they were dating, apparently, but rather found out later.

While the couple left royal life behind in 2020, their four years together within the royal sphere were reportedly challenging. Many of would assume that royal life is lavish, and we’d be quite right in thinking so. However, for Harry and Meghan (especially Meghan) it proved a constant struggle to not only fit in but also cope with the media coverage she received.

When Harry and Meghan began dating – as with Camilla and Kate Middleton – the British tabloid papers kicked into overdrive trying to reveal every inch of Meghan’s life, including details from her past and any aspect from her life they believed would sell a story.

Danny Lawson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

However, one thing was different in Meghan’s case. As per reports, she was the subject of racist remarks – and her husband, Prince Harry, was having none of it. In November 2016, he decided to put out a statement that not only confirmed that he and Meghan were dating but also looked to defend her from the racist abuse she had been the victim of.

Prince Harry was “terrified” that Meghan would leave him, royal expert claims

Kensington communications secretary Kasom Knauf – who represented Harry, William, and Kate – shared a rare statement defending Meghan-.

“Meghan Markle has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment,” the message read, “some of this has been very public—the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.”

Harry also touched on the subject in his book Spare, expressing the importance of defending Meghan.

“I showed the essay to Jason (Knauf, former Kensington Palace Communications Secretary), said we needed a course correction immediately. No more debate, no more discussion. Within a day, we had a draft. Strong, precise, angry, honest. I didn’t think it would be the end, but maybe the beginning of the end.”


Harry further explained that the statement left King Charles and Prince William furious.

“My statement generated a whole new onslaught from my family. Pa and Willy (King Charles and Prince William) were furious. They gave me an earful. My statement made them look bad, they both said.”

Harry Meghan

The Duke added: “Why in hell? Because they’d never put out a statement for their girlfriends, or wives when they were being harassed. We needed a statement out there—within a day we had a draft. Strong, precise, angry, honest.”

Prince Harry was “terrified” that Meghan would leave him, royal expert claims

The statement was officially removed from the royal website today, though the reason is unknown. Meanwhile, a royal commentator has now shed new light on details about the “very angry” letter Harry posted to the press — the Prince was “terrified” that Meghan would leave him.

Speaking to GB News, royal commentator Angela Levin said: “On the royal website, they removed the information that in 2016 Harry sent this very, very angry letter to the press. It was to say that they were being racist towards Meghan and disturbing her. Now that was when they met.”

Levin continued by recalling a meeting with one of his aides who told her to be “very, very careful” because Harry had ‘just written a letter and he’s terrified that Meghan’s going to leave him.’

“‘So actually go very carefully, otherwise he’ll throw you out’. It’s quite an odd way of thinking. You’re going to interview the Prince, and then you’re going to have to be really careful. But I managed to write,” she continued.

“That’s what the issue was; he was terrified that Meghan was going to leave him. It was love at first sight from his point of view. Now that the letter is gone he’s very cross because he felt it should be against the press.

“However it doesn’t work like that because they’ve moved forward and they don’t want to have this distancing themselves from Harry and Meghan.”

Harry, Meghan
John Lamparski/Getty Images

In 2020, Harry and Meghan left royal life for good. Together with their son, Archie, and Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, they left the UK on a private jet, which Harry dubbed the “freedom flight”.

“They will pat themselves on the back”

The couple appeared in the now-infamous Oprah Winfrey interview, and the Netflix show and Harry’s book, Spare, offered even more revelations about how they felt concerning royal life. Meanwhile, the Royal Family has been furious with the many allegations made, and at the time of writing, Prince William is rejecting any contact with his younger brother.

The Sussexes have made millions from their many business ventures, and speaking with The Sun, royal expert Ingrid Seward said that Harry’s life is a “success” when judged by his financial success.

However, “he as a man,” the royal expert added, “is not a success.”

“As a husband and father, he has done brilliantly. And when he and Meghan celebrate their six-year anniversary on Sunday (today) they will pat themselves on the back,” Seward told The Sun earlier in May.

“People said it wouldn’t last and it has! Harry is no longer feted in his homeland as he once was. If anything, he is pitied. I don’t think Harry can see it. He is happy in his rarefied world with Meghan doing what they do. Long may it last – and I think it will.”

Emmanuel Osodi/Anadolu via Getty Images

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam also commented on Harry and Meghan’s marriage, saying they look “very well matched” from the outside.

Harry and Meghan’s Nigeria trip left royals “furious”

Meanwhile, as he explained, they can “always do the unexpected,” which can be unpleasant for many.

“All I can say is that the optics [of their marriage] as far as I can see seem fine. The two seem very well matched now, whether or not that’s a favorable comment depends, of course, on your view of them. They have their fans. They’ve also now got quite a few activities, and Megan launching American Riviera Orchard,” he said.

“And of course, she has a program she’s doing for Netflix and Cochrane entertainments, and so forth. Harry, with his series on Polo. The trip to Nigeria, which as a private visit, certainly had the trappings of a sort of pro royal trip, but it went well. There’s no reason that it shouldn’t have – what they want to do in the future weeks and months – that is quite another question.”

Harry and Meghan made a three-day visit to Nigeria earlier in May. While it wasn’t a royal trip—as they aren’t part of the Royal Family anymore—many things were similar to a traditional royal event regarding how they were received.

There have been talks about the Sussesexes doing similar tours in the future, and perhaps even bringing their son, Archie, and daughter, Lilibet, with them.


Before the three-day visit, Harry and Meghan received hefty criticism as theirs was seen as something of an “unofficial royal tour.” Furthermore, they were accused of damaging the Royal Family’s ties to the Commonwealth.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Royal expert Tom Bower suggested that Harry and Meghan were playing the “royal card,” and author Phil Dampier stated that the Nigeria visit seemed “ironic” since the Sussexes had previously criticized the Commonwealth.

Harry and Meghan are “forming an alternative royal family,” expert claims

So what is really the point of Harry and Meghan’s “sort-of” royal visits?

Speaking on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive, historian Gareth Russell said that Harry and Meghan, in one way, are forming “an alternative royal family.”

“To all intents and purposes that is a real possibility. The problem for the Sussexes is that once you start doing anything like that, people become a lot more critical of what you do outside that – like commercial endeavours or quasi-royal tours,” Russell said.

“People will put them under more of a microscope because they’re calling it ‘The Office of Harry and Meghan’. It’s interesting. I wonder is it part of a plan to pivot from some harsh headlines they’ve had in the last year or two? Is it maybe a slightly more social conservative direction and have themselves as royals in exile for want of a better word?”

The historian concluded: “I wonder is that them acting on advice that people don’t want to hear them criticising the royal family. Their popularity at the moment is pretty low in America but that could change. Public opinion is always a bit of a rollercoaster. But they absolutely could (go on a US tour) and there’s indications that they will.”

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