He has cerebral palsy but watch now as he refuses to stop chasing his dreams

We all had a dream growing up – to be an astronaut, firefighter, policeman, professional athlete or a whole range of things. But many of us give up on these dreams.

Steve Alexy had a bigger obstacle in the way of his dreams than most people. He has cerebral palsy, and it’s so severe that, according to The Mirror, when Steve was three years old doctors told his parents that he would never amount to anything. He shouldn’t bother chasing his dreams.

But Steve refused to listen, and 40 years later he has finally caught his dream.

Steve wanted to be a bodybuilder – he wanted to work out, train hard and then flex his muscles in front of an audience. He’s got his wish and someone managed to capturing the inspiring moment on film.

YouTube/Viral Leak

Steve never gave up on his dreams and shows that, even with big obstacles in the way, anything is possible if you keep going.

Watch the amazing moment below:

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