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High School Wouldn’t Let These Boys Wear Shorts. Their Response? Just Perfect!

When the summer heat reaches its peak, no one wants to wear thick, heavy clothes—not if they can help it.

But at Longhill High School in Brighton, England, students aren’t given many options, and they’re certainly not allowed to wear shorts.

Four boys, however, came up with a brilliant solution to get around the dress code as temperatures soared above 90 degrees (33 C).

When 14-year-old friends, Michael Parks, Kodi Ailing, George Boyland, and Jesse Stringer showed up at school last week wearing shorts, they were immediately sent home. The boys’ fashion choices violated the school’s dress code—and even though the temperature was over 90 degrees, the school refused to make an exception.


But instead of going back into their classroom in hot, sweaty pants, the boys had a moment of inspiration—and returned to school… in skirts.

The move wasn’t entirely popular with teachers, who tried to get the boys to go home and change—but because they didn’t specifically violate any rules, the boys were allowed to keep wearing their skirts all week.

The British newspaper Metro talked to the school’s principal, Kate Williams, about the decision.

“Students can choose to wear any part of the agreed school uniform,” she said.

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