Horse gives birth to rare twins, days later, this footage stuns everyone

It didn’t take long — after a special Belgian draft horse gave birth to twins — for the internet go mad about it.

Lisa and Fien are the names of the twin foals who are filmed playing with each other at only 4 days of age.

Their connection is just too obvious and it’s  too darn cute not to watch and gush over.

Twins is an uncommon phenomenon for horses and especially Belgian draft horse — so these two are little miracles.

Belgian draft horses are famous for their strength, large size and dashing looks.  They sure are pretty!

In fact, the world’s tallest horse at the moment is a Belgian Draft horse named Big Jake, he was born in 2000 and is 82.75″ tall.

© Wikimedia/Vkarel

The mother is clearly also bonding with her new twins, they can be seen playing lively around her in a field.

© YouTube/Robert Piessens

Don’t let their size and strength scare you, Belgian draft horses are actually famous for being nice and affectionate by character.

Just watch how gentle and sweet they are with this little girl who is petting them in the sweetest possible way.

© YouTube/Robert Piessens

To see them in their glory you need to watch these little miracles, only four days old, for yourself in the clip below.

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