IKEA Gives US$100 Million In Retirement Cash To Its Employees.

Ikea has decided to set aside over US $100million to its employees, according to Business Week. All employees will receive US$1,600, regardless of their position within the home retail giant.

Time and time again, we hear stories about Sweden-based furniture giant IKEA taking great care of its employees. Well, it’s proven once again that that just may be what the company does best.

The international home retail chain has announced that it has set aside over USD $100million towards its employees’ retirement.

“Every employee is important to our success and continued growth. Everyone working full-time at one of Sweden’s IKEA’s will receive the same amount regardless of their position and salary level. Part-time employees will receive an amount proportional to the number of hours worked. All employees who have worked five fiscal years or more are qualified,” Sweden director of human resources Karin Bergman told Business Week.

Money placed into a loyalty program called “Thanks!” which was launched two years ago. So far, US$32million has been set aside in the loyalty program.

IKEA currently has 128,000 employees across 43 countries.

Personally, I think what IKEA did is phenomenal and deserves great praise. More companies can learn from this great treatment of its employees.

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