Man tries to propose at baseball game – but needs a little help from the crowd

Proposing to your beloved can be a nerve-wracking experience at the best of times.

You’ve been thinking about popping the question for a while. You’ve planned the whole thing – it’ll be somewhere romantic, or somewhere you both love, or it’ll even be live on TV.

It’ll be fine, he or she will say ‘yes’.

You’ve bought the ring, you checked you had it before you left, you’ll smoothly get it out of your pocket, get down on one knee, and ask them to marry you.

But for one baseball fan in America, things didn’t quite pan out that way.

The guy went to propose in the middle of a baseball game, live on ESPN. But he couldn’t find the ring. His face sums it up.

YouTube/ESPN Video Sports

But luckily after some frantic searching – helped by the crowd – the precious jewellery turned up. And the roar from the crowd says it all!

YouTube/ESPN Video Sports

So he got down on one knee, and got an emphatic ‘yes’ as the answer to his question.

YouTube/ESPN Video Sports

Watch the full event unfold below:

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