Mom drops baby from 10th floor of burning building – then a bystander rushes to catch it

Wednesday morning’s fire in London shocked the world. The Grenfell Tower blaze, which started after a refrigerator exploded, has so far taken at least 12 lives, with 24 people still hospitalized (including 12 in critical condition), and up to 76 people missing.

The massive flames and clouds of smoke trapped those people inside, making it impossible to get out. Some people chose to jump instead of burning to death inside, and others were forced to resort to extreme measures to try and save their children.

“I watched one person falling out, I watched another woman holding her baby out the window. I was yelling at everyone to get down,” a witness named Jody Martin told the BBC. “They were saying, ‘We can’t leave our apartments, the smoke is too bad on the corridors.'”


The Daily Mail writes that a mother threw her baby was thrown out of a ninth or 10th floor window to save her child from the fire.

A man on the ground ran forward to save the child, who hopefully escaped without serious smoke damage.

Samira Lamarani told the Daily Mail that she was there the moment the baby was dropped and watched as the child miraculously landed in the arms of bystander.

Samira said, “People were starting to appear at the windows, frantically banging and screaming. The windows were slightly ajar, a woman was gesturing that she was about to throw her baby and if somebody could catch her baby.”

Several people on the ground tried to calm those still trapped inside, telling them that help was on the way. But the people in the building continued to try various ways to get out.

A man apparently even tried to make a homemade parachute to ease his fall from the building.

Samira said it was impossible to count the number of people standing in their windows calling for help.

But hearing children’s cries was the worst, she said. “I could hear them screaming for their lives.”

I really hope that the mother who had to throw her baby for her apartment is alive and well, and that as many people as possible managed to get out of the burning building.

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