Mom Sheds Tears Of Joy After Her Special Needs Daughter Takes Dream Date To Prom.

After having her heart broken again and again, one single mom in Indiana is finally crying tears of joy. Angi McLemore is the mother of a 17-year-old daughter with special needs named Destiny. And over the years, she’s watched her daughter face ridicule and rejection countless times. “I’ve gotten used to the looks and the stares,” she told local television station WTHR. “It’s hard when you see a lot of other kids doing things that your child doesn’t get to do.” So this year, Angi was determined to give her daughter the perfect high school memory.

Angi McLemore’s daughter, Destiny, is a junior at Anderson High School in Indiana. The school hosts a yearly prom for its special needs students, and Destiny was longing to go. In fact, she even had a dream date in mind: Grant Kelly. The high school senior is the school’s mascot, a star soccer player, a show choir performer, and has even been voted onto the homecoming and prom court multiple times.

When Angi found out about Destiny’s crush, she came up with a plan. She made a sign that said “Grant Kelley, will you go to my special needs prom with me?” and had Destiny hold it up while she took a picture. Then, Angi posted the posted the picture on Facebook so that Grant and all of Destiny’s classmates could see it.

And Grant’s response? You won’t want to miss it. Watch it incredibly heartwarming video below!


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