Mother Goes To The Bathroom Then Came Back But Couldn’t Find 1-Year-Old Daughter. Then She Sees The Open Door.

I’ve read many stories with unexpected endings. But for me, this one tops them all. Mother Julia Thrash was home one day with her 1-year-old toddler, Jayah. While Jayah was peacefully watching television, she decided to take a quick bathroom break. A few minutes later, she rushed back to the living room. Jayah was nowhere in sight. That’s when she noticed the door leading into their yard was open… Read the rest of the heartwrenching – and ultimately miraculous – story below.

She rushed outside and looked at the swimming pool, and then she saw her worst nightmare before her eyes: her daughter’s small body floating in the water.

Utter and complete panic struck Julia, as she ran towards her daughter and pulled her body out of the pool.

For the next 5 minutes she tried to revive her, as she screamed “Jayah wake up.” “Jayah come back”. But the girl was lifeless.


Completely overwhelmed, she ran to her phone and dialed 911. Amidst her panic, she didn’t realize she had accidentally started to record herself on her phone.

The eerie result were a mother’s haunting screams as she tried to revive Jayah – in vain.

The mother’s cries and pleas, the words “please” repeated over and over again, could later be heard in the painful recording. Julia was reduced to waiting frantically for emergency responders to show up.

When they arrived, they tried desperately to revive little Jayah, working tirelessly to try to bring the young child back to life. But it was hopeless. One hour and a half later, Jayah was pronounced dead.

And the words sunk like deep blades right in Julia’s heart as they gave her the news. Her baby was gone.

Jeya 2

About one hour later, as hospital staff waited for the medical examiner to come retrieve the little girl’s body, something beyond miraculous happened…

Jayah let out a cough, stunning absolutely everyone. The doctors barely knew how to explain it to Julia, that her daughter was now, suddenly, alive – after being dead for an hour. Everyone was speechless.


The second miracle is that Jayah appeared not to suffer from any permanent brain or physical damage whatsoever. Over the next few days and weeks, she gradually became exactly the sweet little girl she was.

An MRI scan revealed that Jayah was completely healthy, and that her body had somehow completely healed. The brave little warrior kept impressing everyone, as she started walking, and soon managed to speak again. She became the lively angel that everybody has known – only three weeks after the traumatic incident.

Jeya swimming

Jayah is now a healthy happy little angel. After a swimming teacher heard about the devastating incident, she offered to give little Jayah free swimming lessons.

Jeya hug

Some days later, Jayah was reunited with the first responders that came to her aid after the accident. As they came over to meet her, Jayah ran directly towards the man who was the first to respond to the emergency call, as if she knew that he was the first to help her at that moment.

This story left me completely speechless and with an indescribable sense of relief. As a mother, this left a painful stab in my heart too! As summer season approaches, I am passing this on as a critical reminder to everyone to apply maximum security when it comes to swimming pools. Please share Julia’s story to warn others, it might save somebody’s life.

You can watch the report below:

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