Mum Of 6 Was Stealing At Walmart. Then The Cop Sees They’re Barefoot, And His Heart Breaks.

Cops sometimes get a bad rap for being too rough with citizens — especially when they’re called in to make an arrest. But one American police officer really defied that stereotype. Mark Engravalle from Roeland Park, Kansas has had his share of experiences as a police officer and has made several arrests in his career. But this particular day on the job would be very different. It all started when he was called in to a local Walmart to arrest a woman accused of stealing. But what he witnessed when he arrived on the scene made him do something unusual instead.

The day began like any other. Then, Mark got a call from dispatch, advising him of an incident at a local Walmart. He was requested to intervene.

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When he arrived on the scene, he discovered that store management was holding a young mother, Sarah Robinson, as she had been caught stealing. The mother had attempted stealing diapers, shoes, and clothes from the store.

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Mark then noticed something quite unusual about her kids, which were present as well. They were barefoot, and their feet were dirty. He asked Sarah what happened, and she burst into tears, terrified about going to jail. It turned out she had 6 kids, and was horrified of the thought of having to abandon them if she went to jail.



Mark then learnt that Sarah had actually been living in poverty since her husband died, 3 years earlier. She gradually lost her house, and was living along with her 6 kids in their car. Her and her six young kids, Emily, 15, Sophia, 13, Angelina, 12, Miley, 4, and twins Becky and Bella, just 2, were desperate.



Mark decides to only charge her with a misdemeanor and doesn’t arrest her.

He thinks about his own kids and his heart breaks at the sight of the 6 young girls. He decides he needs to do more.



He takes them back into the Walmart and tells Sarah to pick out shoes. He also bought diapers and toys for the twins.



“He couldn’t have been nicer to my girls,” Sarah says. “And then, the next day, I got a call from him. He told me he wanted to help us find a place to live.”

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Since the incident, hundreds of people have been offering to help Sarah and her children out, and Mark’s compassionate actions are being hailed.

The cop has however remained humble and is just passing on donations he helped collect to the incredibly vulnerable family.



“It was humiliating that I could be at a point where I had to do something like that. He’s greatly appreciated by all of us,” Sarah says, adding that she continues to look for work to help put a roof over her children’s heads.



“I grew up bilingual. I speak English and Spanish and I’m good with computers,” she says. “I just want to have a home for my children.”

She is above all thankful to Mark, the policeman with the unexpectedly huge heart.

“There just aren’t enough words to thank him with,” she says. “My girls and I are in his debt forever.”

YouTube/Brayan Hernandez


This cop certainly showed his heart of gold at a needed time. If his compassion touched you as much as it did me, feel free to pass this beautiful story along.

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