Neighbor complains she walks too loud – so she leaves the perfect reply on his door

Everyone who lives or has lived in an apartment building knows that you have to be considerate to your neighbors.

Playing loud music at night or using power tools at dawn are two things that all apartment dwellers would agree are unacceptable. But staying completely silent all day long? We’re talking about an apartment building, not a Benedictine monastery.

Recently, a young woman in Copenhagen, Denmark received a note from her downstairs neighbor commenting on the way she walks, because apparently she’s too loud. So she wrote back—and her reponse is absolutely spot on.

“Dear upstairs neighbor, please stop walking on your heels. The sound in our building is incredibly responsive. Thanks in advance.”

This is what was written on a note that a young woman in Copenhagen, Denmark received from her downstairs neighbor.

The young woman was surprised, and she had to laugh because it was the first times she’s ever heard that she “walks too loudly.”

She felt compelled to write back, and her note was nothing if not polite.

“Hey, I can make an effort. But even if that is how I walk, I don’t write letters to people telling them they should get their babies to stop crying, stop listening to opera, or stop slamming doors. There are things that annoy me every day in this building. Such is apartment life, unfortunately.”

The Danish woman shared images of the notes on social media, where they went viral in Denmark and beyond, writes Danish newspaper Metro Xpress.

Hearing your neighbors every day is part of living in an apartment. So complaining about the way your neighbor walks seems like an overreaction. Luckily, the young woman was able to it into perspective in her note back. Please share if you also think that her response was perfect!

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