Nurse’s car is stolen as she works overtime to help save COVID patients

Despite being exhausted and on her feet for hours helping to look after COVID patients, nurse Janine Morgan offered to work an extra three hours overtime.

Little did she know that her act of kindness and dedication would cost the hardworking nurse her car.

Janine had spent years saving for the £8,500 ($11,300) cost of her car just a month earlier.

After working a seven-hour shift helping to save the lives of COVID patients at a hospital in Cheshire, England, she then agreed to help out her exhausted colleagues by working an extra three hours.

Nurses £8,000 Fiesta was stolen from Stepping-Hill hospital car park while Janine was on shift.On the 16th November…

Posted by High Peak Live on Friday, November 27, 2020

The 48-year-old then left her 10-hour shift to find her car missing from the hospital parking lot.

Janine, who has worked as a nurse for 30 years, has continued her nursing duties throughout the pandemic, even after her dad died from the virus in March.

She said if she hadn’t agreed to work the extra hours she would still have her car but she just couldn’t leave her colleagues.

“It was a horrendous day and we were all on our knees,” she said, as per Cheshire Live.

‘How do they sleep at night’

Security footage showed a couple pulling up in a car and the man getting out to steal her car.

“I was in shock – I just couldn’t believe someone would target a hospital to steal a car,” Janine said. “How do they sleep at night?”

Now the hardworking nurse is appealing for help to track down her stolen car so she has a vehicle to get to and from work.

Thankfully these cruel people have been caught on camera so hopefully they will be tracked down. I just hope Janine gets her car back!

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