Old lady can’t afford to pay for her goods- now, cashier’s reaction is spreading like wildfire online

We live in a time when young people are often criticized of being selfish, self-centered and careless individuals.

Perhaps that’s why this story has gone so viral in the last few days, receiving an overwhelmingly good response from the online community. 

It all began when an elderly woman couldn’t afford to pay for all her groceries at the store. Sad, and rather embarrassed, she begins to walk away.

Then the cashier does something to restore my faith in humanity.

As Janell was bagging groceries for an elderly woman at Marsh Supermarket where she works, the customer was fiddling around for money to pay. But when her bill rang up – she simply didn’t have enough.

Embarrassed she prepared to walk out of the store.

Janell could have rather easily simply taken the goods back and allowed the lady to walk out – without the food she needed.

But she didn’t do that.

She instead reached into her own pockets and offered to cover the missing balance. 

A customer standing in line named Gary Clark witnessed the incident. He quickly snapped a picture of the young cashier – he felt he needed to highlight her simple but kind gesture.

Facebook / Gary Clark

So, later that day, he shared the story on Facebook, where it quickly began to spread.

I think Janell’s gesture certainly deserves recognition. This is a young lady whom also likely makes very low wages. This goes to show that not all youth are selfish and self-centered. Thank you for showing us that, Janell! 

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