Heroic trucker’s phone call shuts down 13-state child trafficking ring

It’s difficult to comprehend or admit, but sex trafficking is alive and well in many parts of the world. Sadly, young girls are kidnapped and forced into unspeakable acts with strangers, unable to escape or protect themselves.

That was the case for 15-year-old Chrissy and her 14-year-old cousin Shari. They were innocently taking a regular walk when a Lincoln suddenly pulled up next to them. Posing as family friends, they managed to lure the girls in.

Little could they have imagined the incomprehensible events that would soon unfold.

The underage girls were forced into solliciting sex – their youth seen as desirable and thus worth much to their captors. They, like many other girls, were forced into a prostitution ring they simply could not escape from.

“I was scared, unbelievably scared,” says Chrissy.

The horror story could have lasted a lifetime for these girls – and dozens others like them. Could have, but thankfully did not. All thanks to one trucker’s phone call.

The girls were often taken to truck stops and forced to go from truck to truck, asking if the drivers would like to have sex with them.

But all it took was one everyday hero to save the girls.

One trucker couldn’t shake the feeling when he saw how young the girls that approached him appeared to be – so he dialed 911.

“There are a couple of girls at the exit 167 trying to do business out there,” he said.

The trucker’s 911 call ultimately broke open a case that convicted 31 offenders, rescued seven other minors, and shut down a 13-state child trafficking ring.

“Because of that trucker I have a future,” Chrissy said.

Watch the moving video below to learn more about this terrifying predicament which continues to plague the USA – and how one trucker’s simple act changed everything for countless young girls.

Share this powerful story to shed light on this terrible practice – but also to celebrate that humanity is still alive and well – as we clearly see through Truckers Against Trafficking. There are no words that can express my respect and gratitude toward these heroes!

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