Photo of exhausted firefighters resurfaces as California continues battle against wildfires

As of Monday evening (last night), the most recent spate of California wildfires have claimed the lives of 42 individuals and left thousands homeless and without livelihoods.

President Donald Trump has now officially declared it a major disaster, and the worst part is that there’s no end yet in sight.

It’s being reported as little as 30% of the fires have been contained, with the remaining 70% a serious threat for any and all in their path.

Yet whilst families scrabble to flee the area with loved ones, belongings and pets, there are a select few brave souls running in the opposite direction.

Of course, we’re talking about the brave firefighters. They continue to do all in their power to limit the devastation the fires have wrought and bring the catastrophe to an end as soon as possible.

It goes without saying that this isn’t the first time California firefighters have had to tackle wildfires on a terrifying scale, but given the situation at hand we could all use a timely reminder of their unwavering courage in the face of such adversity.

So it is that one crew’s old photo has gone viral. The Kern County Fire Department shared a group of sleep deprived firefighters on the brink of exhaustion, and the picture spoke to so many people that it quickly picked up traction online. These firefighters were taking a much-needed break as they battled against the flames that ravaged California last December.

The photo has resurfaced in light of the epic struggle the fire department are now facing. Let us never forget that it’s ultimately the bravery of the few that will fight to keep this ruthless inferno away from the many.

We hope and pray the authorities can tame these wildfires before too long.

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