Police officers stun drivers by pulling them over and giving them ice cream cones

Getting pulled over by the cops—it’s every driver’s worst nightmare, especially these days. And the worst part might be watching the officer walk up to your car window. You don’t know exactly what you’ve done or how the interaction will turn out, but you’re pretty sure you’ll at least end up having to pay a heavy fine.

And all the videos that have been shared lately on social media of police officers pulling people over and things going horribly wrong only make getting pulled over more tense. So you can imagine what was going through the minds of drivers when police officers in Halifax, Virginia started “randomly” pulling cars over.

But they were in for a huge surprise.


In the video below, police chief Kevin Lands and officer Brian Warner pull over a driver who doesn’t know which law she’s violated, and she’s clearly frightened. In fact, she’s so overwhelmed that she has a hard time concentrating on what the officers are actually saying. And I don’t think I would have, either. The officers pepper their words with language that sounds legal intimidating. But in the end, they charge her with a law that’s entirely made up but should defintely be in the books: no driver shall operate a vehicle on a sweltering hot day without an ice cream cone!

The moment that the drive realizes that the officers only want to give her some ice cream, her fear because surprise and then gratitude. It’s amazing to watch, and important, too. Yes, cops may strike fear in drivers when they pull people over, but the vast majority of police officers are there to serve there community. And sometimes that means making sure that their community has ice cream and a smile. Watch this surprising and heartwarming video below:

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