Popular California fast food chain to increase prices amid rising wages

The next time you pull up to an In-N-Out in California and order a Double-Double with fries and drink, expect to pay more.

The change comes after the state increased fast food workers’ minimum wage to $20.

The price of a double-double combo has increased to $10.45, $8.65 for a cheeseburger combo, and $8.15 for a hamburger combo before tax.

The increase is due to minimum wage for employees being raised from $16 per hour to $20 this past April.

mikeledray / Shutterstock.com

According to the Orange County Register, not only does the state’s new minimum wage play a part, but several counties are also considering raising their sales tax.

While California’s sales tax is 7.25%, many cities have additional tax. Several cities in San Diego County top out at 8.75%, while the top rate in Los Angeles County is 10.25%, and the highest rate someone will pay in Alameda County is 10.75%.

Will the increase in price keep you away from In-N-Out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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