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Relationship expert: IKEA is threatening your relationship.

Do you often go to Ikea with your partner? And do you often get into an argument when you’re at Ikea?
Then you’re probably not alone. Because now it’s proven: Ikea makes couples argue, Swedish newspaper Expressen reports.
Relationship expert and psychology Ramani Durvasula from California explains why Ikea can be dangerous for your relationship.
– The couples are happy when they arrive at Ikea but are often going back home having full-blown arguments, Durvasula says to The Wall Street Journal.

Ramani Durvasula continues by saying that he’s met a lot of couples who seek help from him have started their fights at Ikea. A lot of people goes to the Swedish department store to start a life together. It’s a lot of big decisions to handle and it’s easy to get into sensitive discussions about who’s doing all the dishes at home or what kind of style you’re gonna have in your house.
– The store is literally like a big map over the relationships nightmare, Ramani Durvasula says.

So, if you and your partner want to try if you’re right for each other you can go to Ikea. If you can handle that, you’re probably a match made in heaven.

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