She Creates Amazing Wall Art With Nothing But A Pen.

When we’re children, we’re told that under no circumstances can we draw on the walls. Sure, we’re given colorful crayons and pencils and the whole world seems like our canvas. But we soon learn that it’s not okay to draw just anywhere.

The good thing about becoming an adult, though, is that we can do many of the things we were forbidden from doing as children—including drawing on the walls! So if you don’t like wallpaper or are tired of white walls, you might be inspired by this video.

Elsa Rhea is a talented artist and the brains behind Elsa Rhea Creations. In a much-watched video, Elsa creates a beautiful henna tattoo-style tree on her walls. The only thing she needs is an acrylic pen, since it’s refillable and easy to draw with!

As you can see in the video below, Elsa didn’t complete this project in just one day. You can see her go through a bunch of costume changes before she finishes her masterpiece.

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