She Was 345 Pounds And Bullied Her Entire Life. Now Her Jaw-Dropping Weight Loss Story Is Inspiring People Around The World.

Tracy Ryan, 32, was bullied and mocked about her weight her entire life. It started in elementary school when classmates made snide comments to her face or behind her back. She couldn’t even walk down the hallway without everyone turning their backs to her and whispering comments under their breath. Doctors, nutritionists, and nurses tried to help her take control of her potentially life-threatening obesity, but Tracy ignored them and continued to live in denial. Eating became her solace when everyone looked down on her. She kept telling herself she was happy, even though she was seriously overweight. But deep down, she was miserable. Then one day, something changed and Tracy started a new journey… You’re about to meet an incredible woman who has inspired thousands by overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve her goal—and save her life on the way.

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Throughout her childhood, Tracy was told she was fat. Classmates teased her constantly and called her terrible names. It got so bad that no one would talk to her, and she was left out, just because of her weight.

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The bullying led Tracy to eat more and more. Food became her solace in everyday life, even though she knew it wasn’t good to eat as much as she did. Her weight slowly spiraled out of control.

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When Tracy approached her 30th birthday, she weighed about 345 pounds (155 kg). With each passing day, the risk that she would suffer from cancer, heart disease, and diabetes increased. She desperately wanted to change her lifestyle, but thought she lacked the strength and didn’t have the support she needed.

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Deep inside, however, Tracy had an iron will. In the end, she managed to get professional help. And then it was up to Tracy to take the incredibly difficult journey to a healthier life.

Wait until you see Tracy at the end of this video, a year later, after she lost nearly 220 pounds (100 kg). And remember, she didn’t use any diet drugs or surgery. What an amazing transformation!

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