She’s 17 And Has Only Months To Live. When Her Classmates Find Out? This Is So Moving.

We never know how much time we have left to live. We may have thousands of days – or just a couple. Time is an important reminder to make the most of life that we are blessed with every single day. Indeed, life may not always be the easiest or best, but remembering to be grateful through it all helps. Lynzee Ford, from Texas, USA certainly puts all the above in perspective. This ordinary student’s life changed very suddenly one day…

When other students approached Lynzee, they heard the tragic news: she was suffering from an incurable form of leukemia. After months of treatments, the doctors gave the news that no one could deal with – she had only four months to live.


The tragic news shocked everyone, but her family and friends did everything so that she could continue living as normally as possible. They took her to a lot of “normal” activities, and her friends made adjustments to her home so that she could move around in her wheelchair.


When Lynzee’s hair began to fall as a result of her treatments, other students cut their hair to support Lynzee in her fight against the disease.


Lynzee only had four months to live, which meant she would likely miss the student’s graduation photo shoot. But her classmates soon shared with the school that they had a special idea they wanted to accomplish. They desperately wanted Lynzee to also be in their graduation photo.


Here is Lynzee during her final days with her mother and father.


And here is Lynzee receiving her diplomas and graduation certificates. The school supported Lynzee all the way and made sure that she managed to complete one of her life’s major goals.

The school’s principal, Gregg Brown, gave a very emotional speech. “Lynzee is a very special young woman here at the school who is loved by all of us. She wanted to graduate here, and we really wanted to make sure that she got to do it.”


Lynzee inspired the whole school in their struggle. Her spirits were always high and she remained happy and positive. Everyone were inspired by her zest for life. Shirts were printed with the text “Never Give Up” as a tribute to Lynzee. Strong>

During the graduation ceremony, her teacher Kathy Mehringer said: “The day you became a teacher and I the student showed me what it means to have a family and dreams of the future. Today is your day. Strong>

Just days after the stunning Student Day, Lynzee’s body gave up. Plenty has been written about what she meant to the school and her positive approach to life.

Her mother Warren put it best: “Lynzee left behind unconditional love. She gave it, and when she became ill, she took it. As Lynzee always said, ‘Never give up.’ She was very strong. She will always be in our hearts.”


Photo source: Facebook

Everyone should read Lynzee’s story. It’s an important reminder that life is fragile, and despite heavy days, we should always try to look on the bright side.

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