‘Stop going out’: Dad, 39, struggling to breathe after COVID-19 diagnosis posts plea to public

An isolated and scared 39-year-old dad diagnosed with COVID-19 who recorded a goodbye video for his family, is begging people to stay home and help ‘save some lives’.

Matt Dockray has been left critically ill from the virus and is in intensive care at his local hospital as he waits to be put on a ventilator, as reported by Yorkshire Live.

Matt, who lives in Buckinghamshire, England, sent out a heartfelt plea to those people who think they can’t get this virus and those who are carrying on as normal.


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“It gives me the opportunity to warn each and every one of you who thinks they are invincible, or who are breaching every bit of advice to go out for no reason,” Matt wrote in his post.

“On an hourly basis, I am watching the rooms marked with a laminated red rose – identifying those critical with Covid-19 – empty as their family say goodbye through the glass.

‘Please don’t be an idiot’

“For everyone who thinks they might just get a cough and mild symptoms, or who thinks they have had it so they will be fine, please don’t be an idiot.

“I wouldn’t wish this on any enemy. I even recorded a video to my wife and child to say goodbye because at one point I nearly gave up due to the pain and the fear.”

He said after struggling to breathe his condition has stabilized giving him the opportunity to warn others. His post has been shared by more than 20,000 people.

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Matt, who works in the live venues industry, was sick for days at home before his wife called an ambulance.

‘Struggling to breathe properly’

“Day by day, I felt hungover and crap, but I carried on like a true hero, ignoring every bit of family advice.”

He initially wasn’t tested for the virus and instead was given antibiotics by his doctor but his condition got worse.

“I didn’t leave the couch for the next five days, and I was struggling to stay awake and breathe properly,” he added.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!! STOP GOING OUT AND SAVE SOME LIVES!!It has taken quite a while to write this post and wanted…

Gepostet von Matt Dockray am Sonntag, 22. März 2020

He said he wasn’t writing the post for sympathy or attention as he was surrounded by positivity from friends and family and every one of their words equaled a “rescue breath.”

He wrote: “This is for those that need a kick in the arse to stay out the way – stop panic buying, stop risking loved ones – do as you’re told and let nature take its course.”

Please share Matt’s wise words and help wish him a speedy recovery.