Super Racist Chinese Commercial Has Internet Reeling.

Some things just shouldn’t happen in 2016. This is one of them. I recently came across this unbelievable video on social media, and was utterly appalled. I have many questions, but mostly concerns about this so-called ‘detergent’ commercial, which is for the Chinese Qiaobi laundry detergent. The video is now being called one of the most racist commercials of all time, with thousands reacting across the world and expressing outrage. Personally, I don’t honestly believe that the people who conceptualized and created this ad did so with malice. I think within every culture, racism has a different face. But nevertheless, it perpetuates a larger problem in our society at whole. That, malicious or not, these kinds of ‘statements’ help continue instilling racism, inequality and injustice in our world. And these things, I think, need to stop. Have a watch below, and please SHARE this if you agree that this shocking commercial is completely inappropriate and should be taken down by its producers.

The ad begins with an Asian-looking woman innocently doing her laundry. A black man, who appears to be a laborer, appears at the door of the room and promptly starts to flirt with her, winking and all.

The woman flirts right back, inviting him to get closer with a coy hand signal.

She then suddenly pushes detergent into his mouth and throws him into the washing machine. When the wash is done, a young, “clean” Asian-looking man rises out of the machine – in a very bright, and very white T-shirt. Yes, white.

Don’t believe me? That’s perfectly understandable! Have a watch for yourself below.

Please SHARE this if you agree that this commercial is completely inappropriate and should immediately be taken down by its producers.

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