Swedish CEO Cancels Company Trip And Donates 400 000 SEK To Refugees Instead.

The disturbing image showing a dead 3-year-old boy washed ashore in Turkey that was spread online this Thursday has shocked the world. And now a record number of people are donating money to humanitarian movements. Both companies and individuals are donating money to help refugees trying to escape war, hunger and poverty. One of those who were shocked by the image of the little boy was Jonas Elgquist from Sweden. He is the CEO of B3IT Connexions. And now, he’s doing what he can to prevent more victims from facing the same tragic fate as the boy. When I read what he wrote to his employees I get both touched and proud when I realize there are a lot of nice people out there doing what they can to help.

This is what Jonas writes in his e-mail:

We have a 400 000 kronor budget for a trip to Italy. To the beaches where kids wash ashore and where people are killed under horrifying conditions. People fleeing from something even worse.

We’ve had a discussion in the management group of Connexions to do a charitable reprioritization. With 400 000 kronor we can afford tents and food for 5,714 persons for a month. This money will make a huge change for a lot of people and by doing this, B3IT Connexions will without a doubt save lives.

So, because of this, let us instead find a very simple activity and together make a huge effort for the ones in need. The suggestion is that Connexions donate 400 000 kronor to a big humanitarian movement focusing on the crisis around the Mediterranean Sea and Syria. The weekend we were supposed to leave, we will instead arrange a clothing collection and finish the day with an activity for your families. By doing this, we can all feel that we have made an effort that really makes a difference.

I understand that many of you have been looking forward to the trip very much, so have I. But we think that these people haven’t chosen their destiny, they were just born in the wrong country without the possibility to change their situation. This just happens by accident, it could just as easily have been any one of us.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the subject, feel free to contact me. I’m hoping for your understanding.

Best regards, Jonas

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