Newborn cries for the first time — after bomb almost kills his pregnant mom

In the incredible video below, doctors are desperately trying to save a mother and her unborn baby in Aleppo, Syria. Tragically, Mayissa, who was nine months pregnant, was on her way to the hospital to give birth when a barrel bomb nearly landed on her. Forty-five people were killed and dozens more were injured, including the expectant mother, who was struck with shrapnel in the belly.

When the medical team, headed by Aleppo’s last remaining pediatrician, performed an emergency ceasarian section on Mayissa, they weren’t even sure her baby had survived the shrapnel. And they also weren’t sure if the stress of the c-section would be too much for the mother after she sustained so much damage from the bombing attack.

The miracle that ensued, however, brought an immediate lump to my throat. Watch for yourself below.

But the doctors’ fears melted away when they suddenly heard the sweetest sound in Aleppo that day—the cry of a newborn baby—and saw the look on the face of the mother, who was still alive to witness it. Now the mother and son are recovering and I hope that they and all other Syrians find peace some day soon.

Watch the amazing life-affirming video of that moment below, but be warned—it contains graphic images.

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