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Daycare teacher fired for slamming students’ heads into desk

Children can be a handful – any parent, teacher, caretaker and ordinary person can attest to that.

But it is our jobs as adults to guide and teach them wholesome values that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, now and then, the wrong principles are passed on to young, vulnerable minds: things like violence, aggression, abuse.

Even worse – while we put our trust in appropriate care everyday when we send our children off to school – the system can sometimes fail.

This is one such instance – where a camera inside an ordinary kindergarden class in Montreal, Canada, captured a teacher clearly losing her temper with several of her students.

Read the story below.

An educator from Lasalle, Canada, was discovered using physical force when she slammed two of her students’ heads into a classroom table. 

The episode was caught on tape, showing the educator trying to get the students under control before forcing two of the students’ heads onto the table.

“These things are totally acceptable,” the school’s general manager, Christopher Pattichis said, adding that the educator was soon fired.

Watch the report below for the full story.

While such incidents are rare and there is no need to panic, it is important to watch for signs of your child being abused, in general. Please share this story if you agree violence towards children is never acceptable.

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