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Teacher meets an old student from 30 years ago. Now their reunion is melting hearts around the world

It’s hard to forget our first teacher—a person who helped us take those initial steps on our journey to becoming the person we are today.

For teachers, however, every passing year is a sea of new faces and students to get to know. And before you know it, this year’s batch of students moves up a grade and a new crop of students replaces them in the classroom.

So imagine what it must be like for teacher Lorly Schik, who taught school for nearly 50 years, to keep track of all of her old students.

But despite all those years, Lorly Schik still remembers virtually every student who ever studied in her classroom—which is why she perked up one day while watching the morning news…

Lorly Schik began her long teaching career in the 1940s in Minnesota. With a warm heart, she guided countless students for almost 50 years, before retiring in 1989.

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Years later, her husband passed away and 90-year-old Lorly Schik moved into residential care. Then one day, she was happily watching TV when a familiar face appeared on the news.

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Lorly Schik pulled out an old school yearbook and and found him.

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Sure enough, one of the news anchors on morning news show KARE 11 Sunrise was her former student. It had been almost 30 years since she taught him, but Lorly Schik remembered that little boy from her class!

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She immediately decided to write a letter to the boy’s parents. “It is with a great deal of pride that I am now watching my former kindergarten student telecast the news on KARE 11. I can still picture him as a small dark haired child in his K-desk!” she wrote, before asking the parents if she could to visit her former student.

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The parents, of course, brought her message to their son. “I had to see her again,” said the news anchor. And so he did—30 years after they had last seen each other, they were finally reunited!

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They sat down together, went over their old memories, and talked about everything that had happened over the years.

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Lorly Schik saved everything from back then, including a letter she received from the boy’s mother when she taught him in 1988.

“I just had to thank you for making Cory’s first year in school a wonderful experience. He enjoyed every minute and had tears on the last day when he realized he wouldn’t go back to you next year. You’ve made a positive impression on Cory’s life and many others and you should be very proud of your teaching skills,” it read.

Going over the memories they had together brought both of them to tears.

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It’s wonderful to teacher and student meeting again after all of these years.

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Watch a clip of the moving reunion here:

It’s so wonderful that this teacher still remembers every face, even though it’s been 30 years. It really shows you how much teachers care about their students! Please share if you also want to pay tribute to all the great teachers out there.

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