Teacher Unfairly Tells Student To Cover Up Dress On Prom Night.

Like any other student, Tiffani Taylor was excited and happy for her prom. She found a dress she was delighted with and she was looking forward to the big day. Tiffani arrived at school feeling radiantly beautiful, but just seconds later, she met a teacher who said something about her dress that left the teenager in tears.

“Us big girls gotta cover up,” said the teacher, who then forced Tiffani to wear a jacket over her dress for the rest of the evening. The teacher thought Tiffani was showing too much cleavage for a woman of “her size.”

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Tiffani was shocked. She ran into the bathroom and cried. But one of her closest friends wouldn’t let the situation just fade away. She took a picture of Tiffani in her dress and posted it on Facebook, where it spread like wildfire, receiving over 11,000 shares and 40,000 likes. The support Tiffani received was huge—and the tributes easily drowned out the teacher’s snide comment.

Tiffani sure looks gorgeous in her dress, doesn’t she? Share if you agree and also think that what the teacher did is unacceptable.

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