Teacher wears the same outfit every day to stop bullying

Most of us understand that bullying can damage a person for life. Those derogatory comments, the ignoring, and the harassment doesn’t just go away. They stay with people like scars that the victims of bullying carry around with them for years and years.

Still, it’s easy to become depressed when thinking about bullying, and maybe that’s why I think it’s also important to highlight some of the success stories out there.

This particular one is taken from Mohonasen High School in Rotterdam, New York, where 39-year-old teacher Faith Perry is a shining example of how to take on bullying.

Every day, Faith Perry goes to school in the same outfit: a floral blouse, black pants, and black sneakers.

The reason?

Well, one day, the teacher discovered that one of her students was bullied for wearing the same clothes twice in a row—as if wearing the same clothes for several days in a row was something to be ashamed of.

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Faith explained to her students that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to fashion choices. And to support the girl who was bullied, the teacher vowed to wear the same clothes for two weeks.

The students laughed and didn’t believe their teacher. But as Faith explains in the video below, she extended her promise and has now vowed to wear the same clothes for a whole year.

So how is it going? Faith has kept her promise. She washes her outfit every day or two, but ensures everyone her clothes always have time to dry overnight.

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The great thing about Faith’s initiative is that many students at the school have embraced it.

Now, the teacher is planning on continuing the tradition every year until bullying in schools comes to an end.

“It’s important to be a professional, too, because that’s my job, but it’s more important about how I do my job, not what I am wearing,” Faith says.

Let’s pay tribute to this teacher for her fine effort to stop bullying. Together we can make a difference!

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