Teacher writes inspiring messages on her students’ desks before a difficult test

From kindergarten to university, teachers are the backbone of education. And while they don’t always get the appreciation they deserve, I’m sure most people can remember a favorite teacher who inspired them to do their best in life.

Chandni Langford, who teaches fifth grade at Evergreen Avenue Elementary in New Jersey, is one of those teachers whom students will never forget. In 2016, when her students were prepping for a difficult standardized test, she wrote each one of them a personal message on their desk.

Chandni’s school posted pictures of her messages on Facebook and thousands of people were inspired enough to share them. And it’s no wonder! They’re not only inspirational to her students but also to everyone who’s ever felt the stress of taking a big test.

What do you think about this teacher’s kind gesture? Do you have a teacher from childhood who still holds a special place in your heart? Let us know in the comments!

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Everyone who’s ever taken a standardized test knows how nerve-wracking it can be. And I’m sure that every year, fifth graders in New Jersey get stressed out by the state’s PARCC standardized test.

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Teacher Chandni Langford knew the pressure her students were under last year, so she decided to give them some encouragement. She wrote each of her students a personal message on their desks with a whiteboard pen.

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On student Kwydir’s desk, she wrote: “Knowledge is your super power! Remember, never stop trying, and never stop growing your brain! Love, your teachers.”

Chandni tailored her greetings to each student’s personality, with a focus on their strengths and challenges. She told one student who had never taken this kind of test before that everything would go well and that the student shouldn’t worry too much.

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Instead of signing the messages “Mrs. Langford,” Chandni wrote “your teachers.” It was a great way to show the kids that all of the school’s teachers are interested in their development and want to see them succeed.

Chandni also left a couple of donuts on each student’s desk as an added encouragement.

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The school administration was quick to pay tribute to Mrs. Langford’s innovative way of encouraging students. It posted images of the desks on Facebook, and tens of thousands of people showed their appreciation for Chandni’s work.

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This wonderful teacher’s message made me happy, and I imagine that these children’s parents are thrilled to know that they’re in such good hands!

Please share this teacher’s lovely way of helping her students handle their stress before their standardized test. Thank you for inspiring us, Chandni!

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