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The First Week In School The 15-Year-Old Made A Table. Now It Astounds Craftsmen Over The Entire World.

I have never been good at woodwork, but I always try to do my best. When I was a teenager I didn’t even try. I would never ever dream about making this incredible table. No matter how much help I would get. This 15-year-old boy, who posted his unique project on Imgur, have a really special talent. The most impressing thing with this? He did it during his first session of woodshop class in school.

He starts with some simple pieces for the top frame.

Then he drilled in the rails for it and glued it together.

He adds four legs.

Now, you can see that he’s making a table. A nice one as well!

Sanded edges and stained.

And then it’s time for the wires…

Some more electricity.

Now he puts a mirror in the middle.

Isn’t it neat? But wait til he turns on the LED lights…


Not bad! And he did this in his first session of woodshop class.

The mirror table can change to different colors.

So impressing!

The user Baumstaller, who made the table, was 15 years old when he constructed this. There have been several inquiries on Imgur from people who want to buy the table, but it’s not for sale.
“I’m not really looking to sell this table, I worked incredibly hard on it, and it’s the first project that I made, so it has a large sentimental value to me”, he writes.

So what about the cool effect in the table? It has a mirror on the bottom, LED lights in the center and a two-way mirror on top.