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They Heard Something From A Dumpster. What The Police Found Was Downright Shocking.

He was out and walking with his dog and heard a strange sound. He called the cops immediately. But nothing could prepare the police for what they would find inside the dumpster.

A newborn baby, just a couple of weeks old, was abandoned and left inside a dumpster full of garbage in Mejorada del Campo, 12 miles from Madrid. A person who was out walking with his dog heard a baby crying and immediately called the police.

When police arrived they opened the dumpster and was shocked when they found the little baby. They brought the infant to Henare Hospital and are now trying to locate the parents according to The Local.

Police wrote a tweet with a picture from the incident:
#GreatWednesday for Carlos and Andrés, 2 policemen who saved this baby from a dumpster in #Madrid.

What heroes these policemen are! I hope the little baby are okay despite the circumstances.

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