This secret code saves women from danger if they’re threatened or harassed

Imagine you meet someone online and you click right away. The person just says the right things, and you feel an immediate connection and decide soon to meet in real life.

Now, imagine that the person isn’t at all like you imagined. Instead, the person is kind of creepy—and you don’t feel safe at all. Unfortunately, you don’t have any friends nearby to save you. So what do you do?

Thanks to a bar in St. Petersburg, Florida, there’s a safe exit when you meet someone who makes you feel threatened. The solution? It’s called something called an “angel shot.”

A bar called Iberian Rooster invented a secret code to save people from difficult or unpleasant situations that sometimes happen in bars.

And it’s not complicated at all—all you have to do is go to the bar and order an “angel shot.”

It’s not a drink, but a signal that lets the bartender know that isn’t right so they can help.

The way you order the drink reveals how serious the situation is and what kind of help you want.

This is how it’s explained on a sign in the ladies room in the bar:

“We’re here to help. Just go to the bar and order an angel shot:
Neat: Your bartender will escort you to your vehicle.
With ice: Your bartender will call an Uber or Lyft for you.
With lime: Your bartender will call the police.

Bildkälla: Twitter

The ingenious idea has also caught on in other parts of the world.

Similar signs have been noted, for example, in Lincolnshire, England, where women are encouraged to ask for “Angela” if they need to get out of a difficult situation.

Bildkälla: Twitter

It’s sad that it’s needed, but hopefully this special order will help a lot of women.

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