Two sisters, 14 and 12, killed in ‘freak’ hammock accident in their own backyard

A family from Cleveland Heights, Ohio has been left with the utmost grief after two sisters were killed in a freak accident involving a hammock.

According to reports, 14-year-old Scout Scaravilli and 12-year-old Chasey Scaravilli were enjoying a day in the sun in their family’s backyard.

The hammock was reportedly tied at one end to a tree and at the other to a brick pillar. Yet tragedy struck when the brick pillar collapsed onto the hammock, burying the two young sisters underneath the rubble.

Scout and Chasey’s parents immediately began the process of pulling the brick off of the girls, while their younger sister called 911 for ambulance.

“My parents are trying to get it off! They’re screaming right now,” the sister could be heard telling the dispatcher in the call.

“I’m really scared. I need help really bad! Really, really bad!”

Scout and Chasey were eventually rushed to hospital, but pronounced dead just a few hours later.

The principal of the school that the girls attended said the entire community was saddened by the loss.

“They will be greatly missed by so many friends, classmates, and teachers,” she said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are dedicated to their family.”

The incident, which took place in June of last year, is shocking but not wholly unprecedented. Hammocks being separated from their supports, or even pulling down their supports entirely, isn’t unheard of.

Please, please, always take the time to check the supports of your hammocks, and ensure there’s no way that they can come loose of break apart.

Rest in peace, Scout and Chasey. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family.

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