Update: Baby born without skin prepped for major surgery

Friday is a big day for a little Ja’bari Gray, the baby born without skin.

Earlier this week, Ja’bari Gray was prepped for a surgery where doctors are expected to open his eyes and cover the parts his body missing skin with skin grown in a lab from Ja’bari’s very own cells, according to Fox26.

A couple from Texas are beseeching people to pray for their little boy after he was born without skin.

Priscilla Maldonado Gray and Marvin Gray were expecting a normal pregnancy as they prepared to welcome their third child to the world.

When Ja’bari Gray came into the world, however, doctors and nurses were shocked into silence.

Credit: GoFundMe

But now the nearly 5-month-old born without skin from the neck down will finally grow into his own.

It’s the day his parents has been been praying for.

“Amazing. I don’t know how I’m going to react. But it’s going to be amazing,” she Priscilla Maldonado said.

Credit: GoFundMe

After his birth, a biopsy of Ja’bari’s skin was sent to Vericel Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where skin cells were put into trays.

“They grow and divide, making a very thin sheet about four to eight cells thick across the bottom of the flasks that we grow them in,” said Dr. John Hopper.

Credit: GoFundMe

“We have 24 hours from when it leaves the controlled environment here in Cambridge to when it should be placed on the patient.”

The doctors hope this procedure will save Ja’bari’s life. This Friday will also be the day a plastic surgeon will open Jabari’s eyes.

“I think that’s going to be one of the main things for him,”Ja’bari’s mom said.

“When his eyes are open, he gets to put the voices to the actual physical features together. It’s probably going to comfort him a lot more.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with little Ja’bari and his family. God bless you!

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