Walmart announces shift to digital price tags at 2,300 of its stores

Shopping at Walmart is going to look a little bit different in the coming years.

The retailer announced they would be transitioning away from traditional price tags and moving towards digital shelf labels. It’s anticipated to be a “game-changer” not just for Walmart associates, but also for its customers.

In the beginning of June, Walmart announced they had begun testing the technology at one of their stores in Grapevine, Texas.

The experiment proved to be so successful that the company issued another statement just weeks later that the technology would be rolled out to 2,300 of their stores within the next two years.

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With Walmart associates walking the aisles every week to adjust prices on new items, rollbacks, and other markdowns, the digital tag will allow them to change prices of thousands of items from a mobile app within minutes.

Daniela Boscan, the Food & Consumable Team Lead in Hurst, Texas, said the digital shelf labels have “transformed” her daily routine.

The technology has increased productivity while reducing “walking time”.

“A price change that used to take an associate two days to update now takes only minutes with the new DSL system. This efficiency means we can spend more time assisting customers and less time on repetitive tasks.”

The digital shelf labels also make it easier to locate items on a shelf, whether it be a product that needs to be restocked or an item for an online order.

Of course with a new pricing system comes some concern. Could Walmart implement dynamic pricing?

Only time will tell.


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