Warning issued over possible lethal trend of teens pouring salt into their mouths

There aren’t many youngsters who haven’t at least heard of the platform TikTok, but the site has been at the center of a number of controversial trends and the latest is no exception.

From kids putting coins in cell chargers and recording the sparks to pet owners filming themselves committing cruel acts against their animals, this latest trend has left doctors issuing a stark warning.

Videos of teens pouring salt down their throats have emerged on TikTok prompting medical professionals to issue a warning to stop people doing it.

The challenge, referred to as the ‘Salt Challenge’, saw one user carry out the challenge before spitting it out and gagging. Yet despite his discomfort in doing it he captions the video: “Someone else try this.”


Speaking to Mirror Online, Dr Simran Deo at UK-based online doctor Zava, said: “As a doctor  I would strongly recommend that people do not participate in this activity. Eating too much salt is very bad for your health both immediately and in the long run.

“In the long term, eating too much salt in your day to day life impacts your blood pressure. This is because it makes your body retain too much water, and the strain of pumping the additional liquid around your body makes your heart work harder.”


He adds that eating too much salt can put a strain on the heart which can cause all kinds of issues including a stroke, high blood pressure, kidney stones and kidney disease. 

“In the short term, depending on how much you’ve ingested, eating too much salt can be poisonous. This is because it raises the sodium levels in our bodies, which can cause intense thirst, confusion, nausea and vomiting,” he added.

It’s crucial that we spread this warning to more people so we can put an end to this madness.