With Just 2 Ingredients, She Whipped Up A Chocolate Cake From Heaven.

When baking a cake is this easy – and this delicious – it’s great fun both to eat it and make it. This amazing, easy recipe is the perfect quick fix for an evening after a long day’s work when your sweet tooth is craving something freshly baked, but your clock (and fridge) have little to offer. All you need is two ingredients: chocolate and eggs. It’s both incredibly easy and super quick to whip this deliciousness up. I know it’s going to be the first thing I try making when I get home from work!

All you need is 3 eggs and 3 bars of chocolate (totaling 165 grams).

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Split the egg whites from the yolks into two bowls.

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Allow the egg white to cool in your fridge until it’s time to be used.

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Set your oven to 170 degrees celsius (338 degrees F).

Using your fingers, simply cut up the chocolate and place it in a large bowl filled with hot water to help the chocolate dissolve. (At this stage, do your best to resist the urge of throwing it all into your mouth!)

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While the chocolate melts, whisk the three egg whites with an electric mixer until it gradually forms into a meringue. It should be solid enough that, in principle, if you were to turn the bowl upside down, it shouldn’t spill out.

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Stir in the melted chocolate with a spatula until smooth.

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Once the chocolate has cooled, whisk the three egg yolks into it.

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Begin gradually and slowly whisking in the meringue into the chocolate and egg yolks mixture until smooth.

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Set a baking sheet into an oven dish (including the edges) and pour in the batter. Bake for 30-40 minutes.

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Once cooled, simply sprinkle some powdered sugar on top and enjoy!

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Here’s the instructional video on how to create this magical cake.

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