Woman says she was “judged” after revealing her husband gave birth to their children

A woman has recalled how she has been harshly judged by others after revealing that her husband gave birth to their two infant children.

Tori and Syven – who are both transgender – have gone viral online after discussing their unique pregnancy story, especially since Tori’s husband Syven was the one who gave birth.

In a heartfelt YouTube video titled: “My husband gave birth to our children”, Tori explained how she and Syven became parents to one-year-old baby boy, Prophet, and one-month-old girl, Wynter.

“I didn’t think it was possible to conceive naturally,” Tori shared, while her husband Syven described both of his pregnancy experiences as “perfect,” even though they faced some inevitable challenges.

However, one of the biggest hurdles the unique couple faced was the unexpected judgment and scrutiny they encountered from others. Syven admitted it was hard, saying: “I just didn’t like being judged.” Tori agreed that the process had been terrifying for not only her husband, but for her as well.

Syven opened up on the video about how, as a transgender man, he’d always thought that becoming a parent would be unachievable for him – especially because he’d been taking testosterone for a long time.

It took such a long time for the pair to conceive that they thought they’d never become parents.

Both parents being transgender was a unique experience for everyone involved. Syven – who was born female – began transitioning when he was around five or six, after he believed his identity didn’t align with his true self. As for Tori, she began her transition when she was 18 or 19.

When Tori and Syven discovered they were pregnant, they shared the news with their loved ones, but received mixed reactions from the rest of the world – with Tori explaining that many people found it difficult to understand that a transgender couple was able to have kids.

Syven recalled how uncomfortable he felt while sitting surrounded by pregnant women at the obstetrician-gynecologist office, especially because they couldn’t seem to understand how a man could get pregnant.

Tori said that while people often stared, smirked, and giggled at them, they rarely expressed their thoughts directly.

In the face of negative comments and judgments, Tori and Syven chose to focus on raising their children to be successful and happy, saying that their main concern is just raising their children in a nurturing home environment.

As for how they’d like to see pregnant transgender people and their families supported, the loving parents said that they hoped they would see greater sensitivity to pronouns used in hospitals and more open-mindedness in general.

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