Woman unexpectedly gives birth to baby girl in toilet paper aisle of a Missouri Walmart

On Wednesday a Walmart in Springfield, Missouri had to close down its toilet paper aisle for nearly an hour – not because employees had to restock the supply, but because a customer went into labor.

“We were like oh my gosh, is this actually going to happen,” Jessica Hinkle, the store manager, told KY3.


The woman was shopping in the store when her water broke in the toilet paper aisle. She alerted store employees and warned them her previous child arrived in 30 minutes, so there might not be much time.

Luckily there happened to be a labor and delivery nurse who was shopping nearby and she came over to assist.

“Crowd control, [I’m] not like the best with blood so that was my job, holding the sheet and crowd control making sure that nobody invaded what privacy the poor lady still had,” Hinkle said.

Springfield firefighters arrived to help deliver the baby and within 45 minutes the woman delivered a baby girl. Both mother and daughter were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Hinkle said throughout the birth customers who had gathered cheered the woman on and when she left on a gurney, she received a round of applause.

“You know a feel good moment, everybody’s going through so much and with a baby it’s like everything comes full circle.”

Both mom and child are doing well, according to Hinkle.

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