4 Handy Tricks To Get Your Cell Battery To Last Much Longer.

How many times has your battery began to die — despite you having fully charged it just earlier? Are you one of those people that insist on letting the phone completely die before putting it back on charge? If so… I hate to tell you, but it looks like you may have been doing things wrong this whole time. Here are some charging tips for getting your cell phone battery to last longer.

Have you ever wondered why your cell phone battery dies so fast? Some of the reasons are directly linked to how you charge it, say these experts at Cadex.

Many of us still believe that we damage batteries if we charge them too often, but it turns out that this is an outdated idea.

To wait until your phone is completely drained before putting it back on charge was the best method for old nickel-cadmium batteries, but today’s lithium batteries are actually best charged often — and a bit at a time.

So keep that — and the following tips from cell phone experts — in mind the next time you’re grabbing for your charger!

Here’s how to make your cell phone battery last longer:

1. Turn your phone off when you charge it.

2. Do not charge the phone in too high or too low temperatures.

3. Lithium batteries don’t need to be fully charged; unplug your charger before your phone indicates that your cell battery is 100% full.

4. Charge your battery often and a bit at a time.

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