Science says: grandparents who babysit their grandkids may live longer

Science confirms: babysitting your grandkids can lead to a longer life

Good news for doting grandparents everywhere! Science has proven what we probably all expected to be true: babysitting your grandkids is so good for your health, that you may expect to live a longer life!

This information comes from a peer-reviewed study of more than 500 people aged 70 and older in Berlin.

Numerically speaking, 37% lower mortality risk than adults of the same age with no caring responsibilities.

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Wow! That’s quite significant! If you were looking for an excuse to take care of your grandbabies, this is it!


But why is this the case? Researchers say that caring for your grandkids can give you a purpose and keep you both mentally and physically active. And, according to Sonja Hilbrand, one of the authors of the study and a doctoral student in the department of psychology at the University of Basel in Switzerland, it could be rooted in our evolutionary past.

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So how was the test measured? Participants were asked about their frequency of ‘caregiving’ in the last 12 months. Caregiving was defined as: ‘looking after or doing something with a grandchild without the parents being present.’ This was then scored from 1 (never) to 7 (every day).

Then, the measure for mortality was established by the time to death following the interview.

Of course, caring for your grandkids can also make you happier—in that case, it also totally makes sense how it would increase life expectancy!

Do you take care of your grandkids? If so, how often? It’s so important to do so to create a bond, which is definitely something they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Please share to let all your friends know about this study!