Chocolate cake for breakfast? It’s healthier than you think

Serving up a slice of rich chocolate cake first thing in the morning might be the dream you imagined for yourself of as a kid, but grew mature enough to forget about.

However, surprising new research has revealed that an earlier morning chocolate-fix might do wonders for your brain and your waist.

Years ago, a team of researchers at Tel Aviv University claimed that they ate chocolate every morning to help them in their work.

They suggested that contrary to popular belief, consuming the cocoa delight regularly could actually help a person lose weight.

To put this theory to the test, an experiment was conducted at New York’s Syracuse University. They found that chocolate directly effects the performance levels of our brains.

Consuming chocolate regularly was found to improve memory and encourage the development our abstract thinking.

When it came to losing excess weight, chocolate, also long as it’s eaten before 9 in the morning, is converted into energy rather than being stored as a fat reserve. This is why breakfast is generally the most important meal of the day – your brain needs energy as soon as you wake up.

Researchers found that it all came down to a nutrient called flavonoid, which makes up to 20% of cocoa beans, and can also be found in tea, red wine, grapes, and apples (to name a few).

So, tomorrow morning, treat yourself to a big slice of chocolate cake for breakfast and know that you’re doing your waist, your brain, and your inner child a favour.

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