Common spice many use for cooking is also a great fat burner

Whether you want to lose weight or you just exercise to keep fit, you can actively support the balance of the body by eating the right things.

The formula is actually rather simple – do not eat more calories than you dispense throughout the day.

But there are actually certain spices that you can take to help increase your body’s natural fat burning metabolism.

Eating ginger has long been a known as one such ingredient, but fewer are aware of this relative of ginger, which can also do wonders for your body.

Aside from speeding up digestion and thus boosting your metabolism, this “queen of spices” can also help combat fatigue, stomach problems and bad breath.


Reduce belly fat

Abdominal fat is particularly serious because it can create greater health problems than fat collected elsewhere on the body.

Studies have shown that abdominal obesity may be associated with both heart disease, dementia, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and osteoporosis.

Cardamom improves your metabolism, which in turn increases fat burning. The spices triggers the release of bile, which helps the body break fat down faster.

Bloated and gassy stomachs can also benefit from a dose of cardamom, according to this study

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Cardamom is an effective fat burner, but is also believed to work well to lower cholesterol.

Studies have shown that cardamom significantly lowers two types of fat in the blood – cholesterol and triglycerides.

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Magically remove bad breath

Cardamom has also proven effective for sufferers of bad breath.

The spice is believed to help kill mouth bacteria and facilitates the process if you want to get rid of a smelly mouth.

Reduce excess water

Is excess water giving you pounds? Then the diuretic spice cardamom work wonders.

Cardamom’s diuretic effect is also believed to provide a calming effect, which helps to lower high blood pressure.

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Cardamom in your diet

To take advantage of all the health benefits of cardamom, you should of course also consider how to consume it. The easiest way is perhaps via beverages such as a nice cardamom herbal tea.

Crush a few cardamom seeds and place in hot water – this will really give your immune system a boost, too. Another option is to make fruit smoothies with cardamom seeds.


I had no idea that cardamom was a sheer miracle spice for health, but it sure feels good to know.

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