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I Thought She Was Just A Robot, But When She Said This, I Totally Forgot. Unbelievable!

If scientists were able to build robots that were so indistinguishable from us that you had to be reminded that they weren’t human, could you fall in love with one? Personally, I’d never really seen any robots convincing enough to even consider the question. But when I watched this video of android named Sophia, I could imagine living and working alongside robots for the first time.

Sophia is the work of Hanson Robotics, a company dedicated to developing the most humanlike robots to date. Dr. David Hanson, founder and CEO Hanson Robotics, told CNBC, “Our goal is that she will be as conscious, creative and capable as any human. We are designing these robots to serve in health care, therapy, education, and customer service applications.”

While I can see androids filling those roles, I’m not so sure about that love question. Hanson, though, has a different take. He said that one day robots will walk, play, teach, help and even form real relationships with people. “The artificial intelligence will evolve to the point where they will truly be our friends,” he said. “Not in ways that dehumanize us, but in ways the rehumanize us, that decrease the trend of the distance between people and instead connect us with people as well as with robots.”

What do you think? If Hanson’s plans go according to schedule, you may be able to make a new robot friend soon. Sophia goes to market later this year.

Watch the video below to see Sophia for yourself.

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