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New Study: Drinking One Glass Of Wine Makes You More Attractive.

Drinking 250ml of wine or beer makes you more attractive, according to the results of an interesting new study out of the University of Bristol, UK.

The scientists took photographs of 40 students on three different occasions. The first photo was taken when the students were completely sober, the second after 250 ml of alcohol was consumed and a third after having had a third drink.

The researchers then showed the photographs to other students who were completely unaware of the study.

The results revealed that the students were more attractive in the pictures taken after they’d had one glass of wine, while the photos where they’d had twice as much alcohol had the reverse effect.

Experts believe that the reasons for this result is that moderate amounts of alcohol causes pupil dilation, a trait known to be attractive. It also relaxes your muscles and makes your cheeks more rosy.

Cover photo:Pixabay

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