Research: Sensitive People Are Not Weak, They Are Natural Leaders.

Are you easily moved and have a hard time holding back tears in the middle of a sad movie scene? Congratulations, your sensitivity is a sign of “emotional intelligence,” according to a new study.

In a society where sharp elbows appear to be the most effective weapon to reach the top, this study is a welcome read. Researcher Daniel Goleman, widely accepted as the person who first coined the term ’emotional intelligence’, discovered namely that in this study from Harvard Business Review.

He believes that people who have strong self-awareness and know their own strengths and weaknesses have high emotional intelligence. They have a realistic view of life and are neither over-critical- nor unrealistically hopeful. Rather, they are honest, both towards themselves and others.

It is, in other words, an incredibly positive quality to be able to cry during a movie and be able to laugh at oneself. These abilities, says Goleman, suggest a stable sense of confidence and this in turn makes those around you trust you. Your sensitive and human side also inspires confidence. Throughout history, sensitive people have often made strong leaders; Goleman cites, among others, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and Desmond Tutu as good examples.

He found, perhaps quite predictably, that people who are selfish, bad listeners, and insecure were much poorer as leaders. These properties create uncertainty among others and if a manager has these qualities it often results in reduced work performance for everyone.

For me this is extremely good news. I bawled my eyes out just yesterday while watching “Love Actually”. Now I’m thinking it may be time to talk to my boss about that promotion 🙂

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