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She removes her blackheads with 3 ingredients that everyone has at home

At some point in life, most people have problems with skin blemishes and blackheads. And it usually begins in puberty.

If you’re one of the few lucky ones who managed to escape this, congratulations! If not, you might want to try the trick below.

YouTuber Alexandra tells you how to easily get rid of blackheads on your face. And best of all? You probably already have everything you need at home.

What you need:

  • 1 toothbrush (unused)
    1 teaspoon of toothpaste
    1 teaspoon of baking soda
    Hot water


First, wash your face thoroughly and dry off with a towel. Then, stir the ingredients together in a bowl.

Before applying the mixture, dab your face with a damp, warm washcloth. This will open your pores and make the treatment more effective.

Spread the mask on the area of your face affected by blackheads.


Now, use the tooth brush to gently rub the mask in circles over the affected area no more than two times. It shouldn’t hurt.

Note that the toothbrush should be new, since a used toothbrush would spread bacteria across your face.)


When you’re finished, wash off the solution with warm water to keep your pores open. If you don’t think that water alone will remove the mask, use a mild facial wash.

Now, it’s time to squeeze out your pores. Dab your face with warm water again and gently squeeze out the blackhead with the towel.


Don’t forget to moisturize your skin when you’re done.

Watch the video below to see all the steps and to see Alexandra’s skin after she removed all of her clogged pores.

I’m definitely going to try this trick! If you think it looks good, too, share it with your friends and make them happy!

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